Rex Race Day Chain Coat 40 ml

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Save watts and be faster – all the way to the finish line. Rex Race Day Spray is an unique hydrophobic chain coating for bicycle chain and cassette.
In tests conducted by Wheel Energy testing laboratories, Race Day Spray produced impressive results:
Drivetrain noise and friction are lower from the beginning of application. (-1dB.) Drivetrain noise stayed -1dB lower during the 5h dyno test.
A Race Day Spray -treated chain that had been ridden for 7 hours in “spring classics” weather, (dusty, wet gravel, asphalt), gained only 0,5 watts friction when measured post-race and appeared completely clean!
Chains that are treated with competing optimisation solutions like UltraFast process, typically gain 2.07 W from pre-race to post-race, even in shorter races. ( As measured by Friction Facts in 2012 )
Compared to a chain that has lost its lubrication in race, the advantage when using Rex Race Day Spray is three extra watts in finish line sprint.

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