Haibikes on sale in K2 BikeShop!

10% discount for every Haibike!
01 Oct 2019

You can get every 2019 German Haibike models at discount price in our shop, while available!

The German Haibike is a member of Dutch Accell Group for years. This is one of the biggest bicycle groups of the world, which has assembly factory in Hungary, found in Tószeg.

This brand is famous for perfect electric pedelec models which has excellent price value for money, and Haibike bicycles are made here too.

The Haibike was a determinative member of the German bicycle market in the past 10 years. It was one of the first factories which made large quantity of 29, then later 27,5 wheel size mountain bikes for lower prices.

In the last years they concentrate for pedelec development, thinking in a system that fits the most for each application. 

There are 3 traditional models that we offer from 2019 Haibike stock in K2BikeShop (see related products). We made some pictures one of these, click on the pictures on the right side for the galery!